People Are Amazing

Passion, determination, bravery, generosity, humility and the ability to overcome adversity is always inspiring.

We make films about people to inspire other people, to take action, to think differently, to believe in and connect with a brand or organisation’s purpose and values. Helping them to be better understood and more loved.


We were delighted with the finished film, which was compelling, informative and uplifting - even incorporating brilliantly a moment of humour from a patient which, in the wrong hands, wouldn’t have worked at all. I would happily recommend Buddy to other hospices and charities looking to produce a promotional film for their work and cause


Andrew Thompson,
Communications Manager, Prospect Hospice

Buddy is freelance filmmakers Paul Gowers and Jim North

<p>Paul Gowers </p>

Paul Gowers

Writer, director & creative director

Paul is a writer and director whose work is exemplified by sensitive story-telling, strong visuals and authentic emotion. As a creative director he’s helped London and Paris win the Olympic games, led the film and content team at a global agency and built 2 companies from scratch into award winning agencies consistently ranked in the top 20 by Televisual Magazine.

<p>Jim North </p>

Jim North


Jim is a Perrier-nominated writer and actor. He has written and performed extensively for radio and TV and film, and has awards from the LA, New York, Cannes and British Film Festivals on his mantelpiece. He writes beautiful scripts and some funny ones too. Jim’s loveable face can also be seen in many of our original productions.


I worked with Paul on London's Olympic Bid and England's World Cup bid. Paul writes and directs great films: informative films, persuasive films, emotional films, entertaining films. He knows his stuff without being precious. He works fast and can achieve miracles on realistic budgets. He gets under the skin of a brief like a pig snuffling for truffles. He's brilliant at music. Oh, and he's great fun to work with.


David Magliano,
Marketing Director, London 2012